Danielle FloydSpring has sprung and in addition to blooming flowers, warming temperatures and longer days, many adults welcome allergy season. Spring allergies, also known as Hay Fever, are caused by an increase of pollen in the air. Symptoms such as itchy eyes, throat, sniffling and sneezing can affect our day-to-day wellbeing and comfort.

Although prescriptions and over the counter medications can help alleviate symptoms that make us miserable, here are natural ways to combat allergies at home:

  • Shut out breezes to keep pollen from entering your homeallergies
  • Leave your shoes at the door to keep pollen out
  • Drink more fluids
  • Keep a diet rich in veggies and fruits
  • Try a nasal rinse, saline sprays or a Neti Pot
  • Keep your home clean with natural products
  • Installing HEPA filters for improved air quality

It is important to speak with your doctor about you medicines, alternative therapies, such as acupuncture and other allergies remedies that are right for you or your family members. To help you have a conversation with your doctor about allergies, you can find a list of questions here.

By: Danielle Floyd

Danielle Floyd serves as executive assistant, at The Risk Authority Stanford, to the CEO, Jeff Driver and Interim COO, Bob Cady. In her role, Danielle also provides administrative support for TRA Stanford consulting, education seminars/ conferences, press and more.

Danielle graduated with a BS in Heath Science from California State University East Bay with a concentration on community health. Prior to joining TRA Stanford, she worked in the nonprofit field focusing on improving the lives of children with chronic illness through arts and athletics.